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About Adam Binder Editions
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 Adam Binder won the David Sheperd Wildlife Artist of the year award in 2010 and then again in 2011. He first made his name in the now collectable Harmony Kingdom. As a leading sculptor he created his hugely successful signature series, the ‘Roly Poly’ Range, his first venture into animal sculpture.

After departing with Harmony Kingdom in 2001 Adam moved onto creating his own collection ‘Adam Binder Edition’s’ which has been highly successful and collected worldwide by collectors who appreciate the time and work involved in hand carving such detailed pieces and more recently in 2005 he embarked on his dream of sculpting more exclusive, wildlife Bronzes.

All Adam Binder Editions are a painstakingly hand carved by Adam, and then moulded in Marble Resin, Cold Cast Bronze, or Solid Bronze with each Marble Resin Piece hand-painted and then signed by Adam. His signature often is just the letter A but has become recognisable and unique to Adam Binder.


Some items are numbered and have a certificate of authenticity.  These are limited editions where Adam Binder Editions knows the amount that is going to be made.


Palm Charms, start life as open editions, where Adam Binder Editions are not aware of the quantity that is going to be made, until such time as it is decided to end production on a piece, and then the piece will become a limited too edition.


Others it is decided at the onset that there is only going to be a limited number, but the piece itself, and the box that it comes in, does not allow the pieces to be numbered.  Where stated, Limited too, and a number we have to just take Adam’s word that he only made this many.


Club Pieces, are editions made for the American Adam Binder Club. (no longer in existence)  Each member was offered the same pieces as their membership number, with some members not taking up the offer; the pieces are now available for general sale.  These may come with a certificate, and numbered, but will not always indicate the edition size.


See the report on Boris, the life size polar bear:


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